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After Full Recovery I Kept Up With The Gupta Program Techniques. Why?

There are at least 2 reasons why I continued Gupta’ing. The first is that I could. By fitting it into my normal day’s routine, as with cleaning my teeth, eating and all my other daily commitments. The second is that I hadn’t realized that what I thought was 100% still left me with plenty of …

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Herbal Tea

Pacing and Decorating (Preparing For The Decorator)

In a short while I am having 2 rooms redecorated and carpeted (not before time, they were last done 25 years ago!)  This will be the last 2 in the house, as I’ve had the others done during the time since my recovery. One room is my ‘office’/come lolling about room, and the other is …

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Have Faith During Recovery

When I was diagnosed with CFS in November 2000, and later with fibromyalgia, my doctor said ’You’ll never get better. You may improve a bit, but you’ll never work again as you won’t ever be well enough.’ So began my search for something that would help me improve my health. In 2010 I found the …

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More Haste, Less Speed

One of those sayings which can apply in so many areas of life. Like when I’m in a rush I tend to drop things, trip over something, type even worse than usual, etc. I have often noticed when driving that the vehicles which overtake impatiently (and often dangerously) near a corner or brow of a …

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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Self-fulfilling prophecy. The above phrase has been popping into my mind lately, so I decided to let it have its day! Ashok has said if we repeatedly think/write/say things like ‘I won’t ever get better’, or ‘It worked for them but won’t for me, because….’ and so on, then our amygdala/mind/body/brain will start to believe …

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How Long Does It Take To Recover?

There is often discussion in the forum about how long it takes to improve. It is so easy to become focused on that, rather than cruising along in the ship of Gupta’ing and enjoying the good times as they happen, while allowing the ship to float you through the dippy times. I remember in my …

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Human Being/Being Humane

Are you Weak or Strong? Cowardly or Courageous? Cruel or Compassionate? Defeatist or Stoic? Intolerant or Tolerant? Impatient or Patient? Imagine you are writing your CV for something important to you (maybe even to join the Jedi order as a guardian of peace and justice!) What are the qualities you can see in yourself which …

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Where is 100%?

How can anyone know what is 100%?   Why are so many people searching for it?   What does it mean anyway?   Is perfection possible?   Is perfection desirable?   Thinking about these questions got me musing again, while sitting waiting for a food delivery. Last first: I don’t think perfection in anything is …

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Seasons Greetings To All From The Gupta Program Facebook Forum Volunteers

  Whatever season you may be celebrating over the mid winter or mid summer weeks, We would like to wish you all a very happy and gentle time. With fun on your agenda, and without stress.   I believe in our forum we have many people of differing faiths and denominations, including those of no …

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